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At A1 Wokingham Car Spares we aim to make finding used car parts easy. We stock a large range of over 500 used cars and parts at competitive rates, often up to 80% off dealer prices.


About A1 Car Spares

At A1 Wokingham Car Spares we aim to make finding used car parts easy. We stock a large range of over 500 used cars and parts at competitive rates, often up to 80% off dealer prices.

We take collection of over 50 cars a day meaning our stock is constantly replenished offering you the most up to date parts.

Our used car parts are always in good condition too, so you need not ever worry about getting substandard products from us. We have the largest site in the Berkshire area and the widest choice available for quality used car spares. This is supported by a logistics network of towing and fleet vehicles for both local towing and vehicle collection around the South East area.

Whether you need a new car battery, alloys, tyres or a full leather interior we offer the best value products in the South East.

Get in touch to find out our latest stock and availability by calling us on 0118 9894652


Scrap my Van in Farnham, Marlow and the South East | Scrap LCV Removals in Wokingham

A1 Car Spares is the car recycling specialist in Wokingham, with a dedicated scrap yard and breakers yard, where motorists come to cash in on the scrap metal content of light commercial vehicles. A van at the end of its serviceable and repairable life still has a scrap metal value and our authorised treatment facilities in the heart of Berkshire pays the fairest, most current rates to customers from across the South East region.

A “Scrap my Van” service sees your ELV bought back to our scrap yard in Wokingham for depollution. We safely remove oils and fluids, strip your van down and salvage the used car parts for resale. Our breakers yard has a dedicated trade counter where customers can buy second-hand car spares at discounted prices that save as much as 80% on current retail rates.

Because we process over 50 ELVs a day through our Scrap my Vehicle service, we have used car spares available for more than 500 different makes and models at any one time. A1 Car Spares also has an innovative electronic catalogue system which helps us to identify the second-hand car parts you need accurately.

If you plan to upgrade a works vehicle or even an entire fleet, A1 Car Spares has the facilities in place to treat your ELV in an ethical, sustainable manner, and to pay you fairly for its scrap metal value. We even deal with the DVLA paperwork on your behalf to save you time on having to deal with it yourself.

Please contact us on 0118 989 4652 to arrange a “Scrap my Vehicle” collection, anywhere in Berkshire or the many surrounding South East areas.

What Happens After a Scrap Van Removal?

A1 Car Spares returns your ELV to our combined scrap yard and breakers yard, on Highland Avenue in Wokingham, where we safely extract hazardous fluids, including oil, antifreeze, screen wash and steering fluid. All used car parts on our shelves undergo an inspection and test to make sure they work correctly. We never supply second-hand car spares if we feel they could fail or put the lives of our customers in danger.

Anything that we can’t sell as used car spares goes back into secondary production through our car recycling and scrap metal recycling services.

Buying second-hand car parts is a great way to save money on garage and motor factor rates, and to make a positive contribution to environmental sustainability. Because sole traders, companies and logistical managers need a steady supply of parts to keep their LCVs mobile, we are always looking to pay the best local rates to those who use our Scrap my Van and Scrap my Vehicle services.

From Berkshire to Buckinghamshire, and from Surrey to Sussex, we can collect from anywhere in the South East region and also welcome drive-in customers at our Wokingham yard.

Please visit our website gallery to see our authorised treatment facility at work.

Second Hand Car Spares

At A1 Group, we have invested in the very latest second hand car processing capabilities. Not only do we de-pollute end-of-life-vehicles (ELVs), but we also offer you second hand car spares at amazing prices. If you are looking for second hand car spares that are rare, there is a good chance that we have them.


Car Recycling in Berkshire | Scrap my Car

A1 Car Spares has its own combined scrap yard and breakers yard in Wokingham where customers come to cash in on the value of scrap metal from their end-of-life vehicles, or to purchase used car spares and second-hand car parts from our trade counter. We welcome customers from the surrounding Berkshire area and all locations in the South East, including those that come to us with the most common question asked of our company:


“What do I need to do to scrap my car legally?”


Because we cover Berkshire and the surrounding areas as car recycling specialists, A1 Car Spares has a dedicated scrap car removal service. We can collect your ELV and bring it back to our authorised treatment facility for processing. Anything salvageable goes onto our shelves as used car parts and second-hand car spares.


All other scrap metal goes back into the secondary production system.


When you ring to ask if you can ”scrap my vehicle” at our scrap yard on Highland Avenue in Wokingham, we’re ready to say “yes” and to help you do so properly.


Call 0118 989 4652 for information on our Scrap my Car service

Arrange a fast scrap car removal with our friendly office team

We travel to locations in and around Berkshire to make collections

A1 Car Spares pays you the fairest prices for end-of-life vehicles

We help you to complete the DVLA paperwork to keep everything above board

Because we offer a full Scrap my Vehicle service, customers can also use us to cash in on the value of vans and light commercials.

What Happens After a Scrap Car Removal?

After completing your scrap car removal and finalising the DVLA paperwork, we bring your ELV back to our breakers yard in Wokingham, Berkshire. A1 Car Spares has Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) status and safely removes oils, fluids and other hazardous materials before stripping down your car to salvage as many working used car parts as possible.

We recycle the majority of your scrap car to derive second-hand car spares from it. The rest of the scrap metal goes into the secondary production system.

Customers can come to our scrap yard to buy used car spares at prices that beat retail rates by as much as 80%. More motorists than ever before use second-hand car parts to repair their vehicles. Our car recycling and depollution services have a positive impact on the environment, and they help our customers in the South East region to save significant sums of money.

A1 Car Spares can offer a dedicated Scrap my Car service in Aldershot, Ascot, Basingstoke, Bagshot, Bracknell, Farnham, Fleet, Guildford, High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Marlow, Newbury, Reading, Slough, Sunningdale, Weybridge, Windsor and Woking.

We also cover the surrounding Buckinghamshire, Hampshire and Surrey areas.

When you call us for a scrap car removal, we promise to act ethically and responsibly at all times. Our car recycling facilities in Wokingham are amongst the most innovative in the entire Berkshire area, and we can offer an ethical Scrap my Vehicle service with confidence knowing as much of your ELV as possible goes into reuse as second-hand car parts for other motorists.

Used car spares available from our company include panels, lights, mirrors, tyres, alternators, starter motors, water pumps, interior fittings, exterior fittings and batteries.

Breakers Scrap Yard in Basingstoke, Aldershot and Slough

A1 group’s Breakers and scrap yard

A1 Car Spares, an independent part of the rapidly expanding A1 Group, is home to a complete range of quality used car spares in Slough including tyres, wheels and batteries. We reclaim more than fifty vehicles every day and use ethical recycling processes at our fully equipped plant to make low-cost parts and components available to you.

Our reputation as one of the most popular scrap yard in Basingstoke, Aldershot and Slough has reached far and wide. We can help you to replace your tyres at a fraction of the prices charged by local garages, fast-fit centers and main dealerships. Our scrap yard in Slough makes a great alternative to traditional services and we always have a huge stock range available covering every type of passenger car and commercial vehicle.

Breakers yard for used Car Spares Parts

We trade as a reputable used car parts supplier in Basingstoke selling road-legal part-worn tyres for cars, vans, 4X4 vehicles and MPV models. A1 Car Spares never sells dangerous or inferior products that compromise your road safety and we provide a dedicated fitting service using the talents of the team at A1 Tyre Services, our sister company.

Our second-hand car spares in Aldershot include branded alloy wheels from major manufacturers including WolfRace, Dezent and Rota. We also have an affordable range of used spares parts tested on site to fit most vehicle makes and models. Call in to see us today for low-cost used car spares in Slough from your friendly independent specialists.

We sell second hand Car Tyres, Wheels and batteries at our Breakers yard in Slough; Up to 80% cheaper than typical Retail Price.

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