Wokingham Wet Waste is one of the countries leading Waste Management companies in the UK, embracing new technology and the very latest equipment available in order to deliver real added value to our clients.

A1 Wokingham Wet Waste aspires to develop solutions that meet our client’s individual needs with a fleet of specialist equipment and vehicles to transport and dispose of all liquid waste.

The collection, transportation and safe disposal of liquid waste is a specialised business. Wokingham Wet Waste have a unique, nationwide, multi-site approach which is the lifeblood of our business and the industry. This is combined with an efficient and prompt service complemented by a planned and cost effective network of disposal.

Our core business is also supported by a comprehensive plumbing and drainage service – which can only be suited to a company like Wokingham Wet Waste which offer a full, integrated Drainage and Waste Service. Working in partnership with our Loo Hire Division – Wokingham Wet Waste continue to expand its significant contribution to many of the UK’s largest outdoor events and pop festivals.


Performance Management

Our Quality Policy includes a commitment to continually improve business effectiveness and provides us with a framework for setting, reviewing and adhering to our client’s quality objectives and project targets.

We have developed procedures that enable us to focus on client requirements and expectations and to comply with relevant statutory requirements. Our processes cover feedback from clients regarding their satisfaction and our business performance which we use to drive improvement.

Our Operations and Business Development Managers are responsible for process management and will ensure agreed standards are met on completion of each task. Our performance on the task at hand would be monitored and managed by our Operations Team and all works will be scheduled, completed and measured directly against the works instruction to ensure compliance.

We will provide a performance summary measured against the works undertaken.


Value Added Initiatives

A1 Wet Waste adopts an innovative approach to actively researching, sourcing and investing in the very best equipment and technologies available to us. This continual research and investment allows us to increase our capability, diversify our service offering, improve both efficiency and performance and enhance customer satisfaction and the value we offer.

Our goal is to provide a service that our customers truly value and we operate at industry recognised standards to help achieve this value. We are Achilles UVDB (Utilities Vendor Database) verified and registered. The process of gaining this verification involved in-depth assessment of our business practices and our successful registration on the database serves to demonstrates our capability to meet the industry requirements through the recognised industry pre-qualification scheme.

We also hold ISO14001 and ISO9001 standard certification. ISO14001 demonstrates our commitment to being aware of and reducing the environmental impact of our work.  The framework allows us to meet our customer’s expectations of corporate responsibility as well as legal and regulatory requirements. Through practical implementation of the standard, we have found that successful environmental management is the key to improving efficiency, cutting the costs of running our business, reducing waste and reducing energy use – all value that we can pass directly to our customers. ISO9001 is the standard through which we have implemented our quality management systems.  This system provides us with the foundation to enhance customer satisfaction and drive continual improvement throughout the business.  Further certification includes OHSAS 18001, a framework for occupational health and safety best practice

The FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) is a voluntary accreditation scheme which encompasses all aspects of safety, fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions, and improved operations. FORS assists us in measuring and monitoring our performance to demonstrate best practice.