The emptying of sedimentation tanks with the MOOS KSA-SYSTEM and the treatment of sludge.

The KSA-System (Combined sludge tanker and dewatering system) has been especially developed for the rapid and effective emptying of a large number of sedimentation tanks

The KSA-unit solves the same problems as a traditional sludge tanker. Additionally, the contents of the sedimentation tank are dewatered on site.

The unit can be equipped with a suction tower and a high-pressure jetting pump etc, in order to meet customer requirements.

Advantages of emptying sedimentation tanks with the KSA-System in comparison to ordinary sludge tankers.

The KSA–system dewaters sludge from the sedimentation tanks into a dry sludge mass of 15 – 25 % dry matter. This results in a reduction of up to 90% of the sedimentation tanks contents. After dewatering, the pH-neutral reject water is lead back to the sedimentation tank. This ensures that the sedimentation tank is functioning optimally immediately after emptying. Refilling of the sedimentation tank with reject water avoids using expensive natural water resources.

The capacity of the KSA-unit is between 20-40 sedimentation tanks each day. This provides for an effective working day and alleviates the need for constant emptying at wastewater treatment plants, and therefore reductions in terms of transport costs and wear on the roads.

The dewatered sludge can be lime stabilized in a MOOS Lime-sludge mixing plant. Due to its high contents of nitrogen and phosphor, it can be used as valuable fertilizer in farming or be used to increase the quantity of topsoil where this is required. This allows for great savings in treatment costs for delivery of septic sludge at the wastewater treatment plants.

Foreign particles in the sludge such as stones, glass etc – are separated by the grating system of the KSA, and can be deposited separately on a supervised waste site, or at an incineration plant. This prevents plastics, glass, stones and metal shavings etc, being spread together with the sludge. If desired, the dewatered sludge can be delivered directly to a wastewater treatment plant; either to a receiving station or pumped directly into the inlet at the wastewater treatment plant.

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