Over 35 years of experience A1 Wet Waste understands the priority in clearing blocked drains fast and efficiently. Using the latest CCTV and drain jetting technology A1 Wet Waste can locate the nature of the blockage or drain flow obstruction and keep your drains clear and free flowing of any problems.

A1 Wet Waste have a range of state-of-the-art drain cleaning units each containing its own integral high pressure water jetting facility and are equipped to resolve any sector of waste removal and blocked drains, our services include;

CCTV Survey and Reporting – Removing waste debris and jet outlets on both old and new systems. A post works CCTV survey is recommended to determine waste removal to provide an overview of the cleaned section

Obstruction and Intrusion Removal – Our high-pressure water jet cutting equipment (hydraulic milling machine or hydraulic rotary chain) can remove most hard deposits including lateral connection protrusions without potentially expensive and disruptive excavation.

Drain Cleaning and Unblocking – For the removal of solid debris and the washing down of walls and pumps.

Drain Repair and Maintenance – For both emergency and routine tank emptying

Commercial Drains – Cleaning and Removal of contaminates from pits, chambers and watercourses

Domestic Drains – The removal and dispersal of water from any flooding situation

Root Intrusion Removal – Using remote control root cutting equipment.

Pipe Descaling – Mechanical high pressure jetting nozzles used for descaling interior cast iron, clay and other material pipework.

High Pressure Water Jetting – High pressure water jetting is carried out by our trained operatives who select the correct type of jetting nozzle or cutting equipment and water pressure to suit the diameter of the pipe, the pipe construction material and the type of the operation being carried out. This ensures that the operation is carried out to maximum effect with no damage to the original pipe.

HP Jetting Portable Reel (Portareel) – We are equipped to carry out works virtually anywhere including locations where our tracked self-powered hydraulic hose reel carrying additional high pressure water jetting hose easily manages those awkward areas with weight, height or width restrictions. We also have battery powered CCTV Survey equipment for surveying in locations without any electrical power,
or where use of our on board and/or portable generators may not be possible such as enclosed spaces and basement locations.

Drain Relining – we provide in-situ lining technologies where it is appropriate and beneficial to do so. ‘No-Dig’ technologies such as in-situ pipe lining creates a refurbished pipe within the existing drain with minimal disruption to the property.

Excavation & Repair – In our opinion excavations are always the last resort, but in some cases,
it is inevitable. Should the need arise A1 Wet Waste are highly experienced and capable of undertaking these tasks.

All our Heavy Goods Vehicle mounted jetting units are equipped with a vacuum facility to enable the material displaced during the cleaning operation to be removed for disposal instead of being washed further downstream with the potential for further problems

Truckcom – A1 Wet Waste utilises work scheduling/ fleet management software, Truckcom,
to ensure a consistently organised and efficient approach.