A1 Wet Waste have expanded into the specialist niche sector of Jet Vacuumation,
allowing a capability to deal with the removal of various types of piped services such as sewers, drains, ducts and culverts of silt and debris, fatty deposits, rust and scale and root intrusions – ideally suited for the fast effective cleaning of sewers, drains, interceptor tanks and grease traps. It is also used to clear blockages caused by a build up of debris or foreign objects.

A1 Wet Waste have a range of state-of-the-art vacuumation units each containing its own integral high pressure water jetting facility and equipped to resolve any sector of waste removal, our services include:


Gully Cleansing – Removing waste debris and jet outlets on both old and new systems

Pump Station Cleansing – For the removal of solid debris and the washing down of walls and pumps.

Cesspits and Septic tanks – For both emergency and routine tank emptying

Contaminated Structures – Cleaning and Removal of contaminates from pits, chambers and watercourses

Sewer Drain Cleaning – Used for the removal of debris during the process of high pressure water jetting

Flooding – The removal and dispersal of water from any flooding situation

Our deep lift suction units can remove liquid waste from structures upto 30mts deep as well as the removal of stone, sand and other deposits from structures – with a jetting capability of upto 96 gallons of water per minute and the ability to vacuum out at a rate of 1000 cubic feet per minute.

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